Tuesday, August 10, 2010

B is for...

I'm pregnant! I was so excited about getting the nursery ready for my sweet baby boy! Here are the pictures...

These are individual initial canvases. I really like these because they are different. So many people are using the wall letters over the cribs, and I just wanted something unique! I painted the plaid to match his bedding.This is my favorite! B is for... ball, boat, bubbles... you get the idea! Most importantly, B is for Brooks (which is what we're naming him). This would make a great focal point for any nursery!


I love doing murals! I love having a huge "canvas" I can paint all over!

This one is from the Neshoba County Fair. If you've never been, you must go! It's a week long event where people pack up and move into these cabins and spend the week. This is actually our family's cabin which was (and still is) in desperate need of a makeover! The cabinets are done... next year, I'm going to conquer the walls!This one was done over a sweet baby girl's bed! It's hard to see, but there is a faint glitter coating over the initials.

More nurseries!

I've been so blessed to be able to share the joy of all these babies births and honored and humbled to be able to help get their rooms ready! Here are some of the latest...

It's a jungle out there...

Isn't this sweet? This is a canvas I did for a baby's nursery. The verse reads... "The Lord has chosen you to be His cherished, personal treasure." Deut. 7:6b. Baker's mom loved it, and I hope Baker did too!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Customized Nurseries

Here are a couple of examples of recent nurseries that I had the honor to do some decorations for. The canvases were used as door hangers at the hospital, but were also to be used as wall decorations for when the family arrived back home. I took the bedding, along with specific instructions from the moms to create something that they loved! Take a peek!
First up... Jillian Hope Morgan This is Jill's bedding! Isn't it precious?? Her room is painted the chocolate brown and she has beautiful cream furniture. Her mom really wanted to add some pink into the room, so this is what we came up with!

The tag on the right was used to put Jill's full name, date she was born, weight and time. It gives parents the options to remove the details and use the canvas in the nursery for years to come.

Next: Addison Lynn Chandler

This is Addison's door hanger for the hospital. Like Jill's, this will also be used as a wall decoration in her nursery when she arrives home! In this particular case, the door hanger was also used for decoration for the door where her baby shower was being held (which I think is a GREAT idea!!)!!

And this is sweet Addison's bedding... too cute!

These canvases were also done based on the theme of the baby bedding.

And here are her wall letters... I think these are the perfect addition to any nursery!

This diaper cake and pot were used for her baby shower. The mom can take it home, use the diapers... and use the pot for nursery decoration, to hold lotion, shampoo, powder, etc., or as the centerpiece for a first birthday celebration!

Friday, May 16, 2008

More fun, funky stuff!!

More Canvases

This is another example of some of the canvases that I create. This one was done for a big Ole Miss fan, and is one of my personal favorites as well! Below are some great ideas for the "tween" in your life. These were done for two girls...one is a cheerleader and the other involved in basketball. The people were made to look like the girls and I used colors to match their rooms.

Display Plates

These are great ideas for any occasion. Know someone getting married or need a really great gift? Personalized designs on these plates really add an extra special touch. This one was made to display during Christmas. The "display plates" are not to be used for serving food. However, if you would like one that can be used for that, I can help you with that as well.

Picture Frames, Albums, and Scrapbooks

Here are some examples of some acrylic picture albums that I have done. They were made to fit each of these girls' personalities and show their favorite colors.

The picture frames below can be made to suit anyone. These are some of the more whimsical designs, but I can make them to go your formal living room as well. While I don't have any pictures of the scrapbooks I have created, I can definitely make one to match the needs and interests of any scrapper!

Other Fun Things...

If you have an old piece of furniture you've been thinking about having painted, I can do that as well. I've also added pictures of other unique things that I've done for folks... they just didn't fall into any particular category! Enjoy!

This is an old toychest that belonged to me that I refurbished for my sweet baby boy...I'd be happy to do the same for you!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Leap of Faith

I have a passion for creating fun, trendy items for adults, children, even babies. Everything I do is hand made or hand painted. These are just a few samples of my work. I also specialize in wall murals and hand-painted pottery. All of my prices are very reasonable and if you have a budget, we can work something out! If there's something that you'd like and you don't see it here, email me...I'm sure I can come up with something!! I'm hoping that this will be the start of something great... Enjoy!

Personalized Pots

These have been really popular. They're a perfect gift for the person that has everything or for someone who really appreciates thoughtful gifts. Tell me a little about the family that the pot will be sent to and I'll create one especially for them. For example, the large pot on the far left was created for the grandparents of six children. Both of the grandparents are pictured as well as all six of the grandchildren. At the top of the pot, it says "Nonnie and Poppie's Babies". These are some detailed pictures of that particular pot. The pots are definitely not limited to people! If you know someone who has cats and/or dogs or any animal who are a part of the family, we can put them on there as well!


I love, love, LOVE painting canvases!!! Any and all canvases!! From crosses, to characatures, Bible verses or just sayings you like...I love to create these!! I'll customize any canvas with whatever you want on it, with whatever colors you want, as well as whatever size fits your needs the best!

These are just a couple of the categories that I specialize in. I also love creating picture frames as well as scrapbooks (personalized for that scrapper in your life!!), cork boards, chalk boards, even trash cans! I will literally paint anything if it will stand still long enough! ha!! I'll post more pictures of my projects soon!